heading - master medical school secondaries
...all without spending *hours over hours* on figuring out EVERY nitty gritty detail by yourself!

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"I just wish I knew this before!"

first time I applied to medical school, I honestly didn't even know secondaries existed! I was so caught off guard and clueless, I took forever to submit just 4 of the 6 secondary applications I received...

second time around, I was SO prepared that I was able to submit 28 secondary applications within days of receiving them (and my strategy didn't even involve any pre-writing)!

Mastering Secondaries, I will teach you how to write unique essays for every school, brainstorming techniques, 70+ essay examples, and a step-by-step process to get your writing done in just a fraction of the time.

Here's how the course breaks down ↓↓

Lesson 1: What Secondaries Are & Everything They Could Entail

The first time I applied, I had no idea how secondary applications even looked like, which only added to feeling overwhelmed and anxious. In lesson 1, I give you an inside look into my own secondaries, showing you how the different platforms can look like and all the little details secondaries could include. So that you know exactly what's about to come and feel prepare to tackle them head first!

Lesson 2: App Timeline Overview & The Exact Dates I Got Mine

You'll learn all the dates I received and submitted my secondaries + when you can expect yours to fill your inbox. This way, you'll know exactly how to plan ahead and how YOU can create enough space in your calendar to give them your absolute best.

Lesson 3: The Overlooked Aspects of Secondary Applications

Learn about the *easily* overlooked aspects of secondaries, additional tests you might need to take and how to prepare. So that you don't get surprised by this and tackle them ahead of time for more peace of mind.

Lesson 4: How to Answer Common Essay Prompts + 5 of My Own Examples

Use my easy structure so you can write interview-worthy secondary essay effectively and with confidence! You'll also learn how to approach the most common essay prompts - even if you might feel like you don't have meaningful experiences for certain prompts.

Lesson 5: The #1 Strategy To Get A Major Head Start on Your Essays

How you can skip the deadline anxiety by pre-writing many of your secondary essays ahead of time. You'll learn why I didn't do this during my application, what you should definitely tackle beforehand and how to get started right away!

Lesson 6: My Exact Process for Submitting 20+ Secondaries on Time

Here are the tips on how I managed to submit 28 secondary applications within just days of receiving them. This is going to save yourself a ton of time in the process while still making sure you deliver high-quality essays.

+ Bonus #1

over 70 essay examples from Maggie

Help avoid writer's block with endless secondary essay examples from my own application. These examples paired with the process you'll learn to formulate your own, will be a powerful combination.

+ Bonus #2

email, resume & cover letter templates

Applying to medical school is crazy expensive... If you are looking for gap year jobs to help fund application and interview expenses, this is the ultimate success package to help you land any position.

+ Bonus #3

epic application spreadsheet

Not offered anywhere else, this spreadsheet has a tab for EVERY step of the application process. No more letting important information get lost. Feel on top of every detail to reduce the stress and stay incredibly organized!

+ Bonus #4

access to private Facebook group

Ask all your burning questions! Our premed expert team monitors this group daily and will give you personalized responses so you can confidently move through your secondaries!

You're a great fit for this program if:

You are applying THIS application cycle (2024 cycle)!

You plan to apply to medical school through

You're not sure about all the nitty gritty details of what
secondary applications entail and how to write all those essays.

You've put in all the work up until now to be ready to apply. Now you just need a step-by-step plan to ensure you're maximizing every factor possible and have the best chance of success this cycle!


My name is Maggie, I'm 29 years old, and I'm a 4th year medical student at the University of Colorado! I first applied to medical school during the 2017 application cycle and legit had no idea what I was doing.

I figured out what I needed to do to take the MCAT, but the whole application process was still just a big jumble of confusion.

I managed to apply (albeit late) to four schools, got 1 interview at Case Western, got waitlisted and never ended up getting pulled off the waitlist.

Fast-forward three years later and I found all of Dr. Gray’s AMAZING and insanely helpful advice, got my butt into gear, took the MCAT again because my first one expired (!!), and reapplied.

The second time around I applied to 28 schools, got 15 interview invites, and TEN acceptances. I am truly humbled and grateful because it seemed like the one goal l would never reach (I had a low GPA AND an institutional action).

Anyway, now it is my mission to help you all have the same success!